Activate Your Space


Benefit from Flex

Partner with us. Generate Revenue. Quick & Simple.

Get Additional Revenues

We activate your space by combining the office space with additional services. That is why we can achieve higher revenues for the landlord and increase the footfall for the building.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Landlords benefit from core & flex leasing strategies and achieve a competitive advantage against their competition.

Be ESG compliant

Stay up to date, get your reporting in line, and receive guidance and advice on how to continuously improve your space's performance.

Increase Occupancy

We help tenants to adjust their core space and use our procurement services and meeting facilities to streamline their operations and manage the volatile needs of their hybrid workforce requirements.

The way we work has changed

  • Today’s occupancy of offices is suffering because of the hybrid work models. 
  • Desk sharing and an average of 2.5 days of office presence per week lead to reduced space requirements from tenants. 
  • Fully leased space is only used by 25% on average over the week. Hence the entire service infrastructure like cafeterias and restaurants suffers because of fewer customers.


Some buildings might be fully rented out, but just leasing them without caring for sustainability does not meet ESG standards.

Flex office spaces offer a dynamic way to increase a property’s value and generate sustainable income streams. These versatile environments cater to a wide range of businesses and professionals, from start-ups to established companies, freelancers to remote workers. By offering flex office space, you can tap into a thriving market, increase your property’s occupancy rate, and enhance its marketability.

“Customers can find good physical spaces easily. What is much harder is finding spaces they’ll actually enjoy being in.

Creating those spaces is what NEW WORK excel at“.

Antony Slumbers


About us

New Work is proud to be on the forefront of being ESG-compliant in the Central and Eastern European Region (CEE). As an independent serviced office provider with strategically located offices in Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria, we have made it our commitment not only to offer exceptional office spaces for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporate entities, and freelance professionals but also to do so with a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. 

Our dedication to ESG compliance goes beyond our outstanding customer care and the seamless blend of focused work and networking in our office spaces. We recognized the importance of sustainability, community engagement, and responsible corporate governance in today’s business landscape. New Work is actively working towards adopting and promoting ESG best practices to create a positive impact on the environment, society, and our stakeholders. 

By embracing ESG principles, New Work is not only a welcoming hub for businesses and professionals but also a responsible and forward-thinking partner in promoting a sustainable and inclusive environment in the CEE region.   

  • 12 years of operational experience in multiple markets of CEE region
  • Most Awarded flex office operator – recognized for Service Excellence and Innovation
  • Trusted Partner to building owners

recognized for best service

What our landlords say about us
„We are operating our property with New Work since 2015. Not only did they stay in line with our budget but worked cost and time efficient when we commercialized our space for flex office usage. Since the time of operation, we are constantly reporting above 90 % occupancy while the market in this particular area where our property is located reports 25 % vacancy on average. Our client satisfaction rate is constantly above 95 % thanks to the ongoing support and trainings from New Works operational support.“
Graf von La Rosee
“Having New Work Offices as an operator in our building helped us immensely to attract new tenants in a very competitive market. Since we have been able to onboard new tenants during the fit-out in New Work's space, which provided plug and play standard we have been able to win over multiple regular tenants above the competition.”
Paul Kuśmierz
Master Management Group

Our offices


Today New Work Offices is present in Hungary, Poland  & Bulgaria. We will start operations in Germany in 2024. Further countries can be considered upon request. 


  1. Tell us about your space (send us your space plan/link to your web page).
  2. We need 30 minutes of your time for a team’s call to elaborate on some questions
  3. After 1 week we will present an assessment including a business plan.
  4. If you like it, we conclude on a Letter of intent to work together
  5. We deliver the final space plan including the technical and functional description and let your architects prepare the final technical project and cost calculation
  6. If the numbers still match, we deliver the Management Annex for the lease agreement
  7. Your local team will start the fit out and we will start the premarketing and onboard the location to our platform.
  8. After the handover of the space we will conduct the final staging and fit out with technical equipment with our task force team
  9. We onboard and hire operational staff and ensure playbook implantation and ongoing training
  • In residential buildings, hotels and serviced appartements we recommend minimum 200 sqm
  • In shopping malls we start from 400 sqm
  • In office buildings we require minimum 1.200 sqm

Shopping malls and retail parks are not perceived as primary place of work hence it works as additional services for existing clients. The successful implementation very much depends on the ability to interest existing customers. 

Certainly. With over 12 years of experience, we believe this will result in the best outcome.

Today New Work Offices is present in HungaryPoland  & Bulgaria. We will start operations in Germany in 2024. Further countries can be considered upon request. 

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